Friday, January 13, 2012

Political Cartoon #5

Dave Granlund - - Tebow adoration - English - Tebow, Broncos, Denver, QB, quarterback, miracles, worship, prayers, kneel, kneeling, john 316, religion, evangelical, football, NFL, touchdown, CO, followers, mania, star, sports, pro football

  1. Who is this cartoon depicting?
  2. Who are they referring to when Tebow says "I thought that was MY job"?
  3. Why compare a politician to Tim Tebow?

Issue of the Week Answers

Why did Obama pull out troops from Iraq?
  • The Status of Forces Agreement between the United States and Iraq expires at the end of the year. Officials had been discussing the possibility of maintaining several thousand U.S. troops to train Iraqi security forces, and the Iraqis wanted troops to stay but would not give them immunity, a key demand of the administration.
Does this make our military too weak?
  • No. Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough told reporters that the U.S. assessment determined that Iraqis were ready and they proved they could fully take over their security. The U.S. will have a robust diplomatic presence and continue to train Iraqi forces, he said, but it will be similar to what it has in other countries.
What happens when the wars are over?
  • I cannot answer this question.  No one can tell when the war will officially be over.  However, America's goal is to establish a peaceful and democratic government in the middle east.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Constituent Letter

Representative Meehan,

My name is Corey Brown, a current senior at Haverford High School in Havertown, PA. I would like to bring to your attention a bill that I have been following over the past few weeks. H.R. 3012, The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act is a bill that, if passed, would take an economically and diversely positive approach on the issue of immigration. The bill would raise the per-county limitation on visas available from seven percent to fifteen percent of the total number of family-sponsored visas and would remove such limitations for employment based visas. This bill offers diversity and will drastically support the economy. If the bill were to pass, high skilled, LEGAL, immigrants would be given a chance to improve our country. Most importantly, this bill is designed for a fair system for real immigrants.

Thank You,
Corey Brown

Sunday, January 8, 2012

20 Truths About The American Political System

  • The electoral college votes for the President (0)
  • The people, as a whole, have a large say in what goes on in the government. (+)
  • Money has a tremendous influence in politics (0)
  • It is a two party system. (0)
  • Majority rules everything. (0)
  • The media has a great deal of control over the public's opinion. (0)
  • Radical groups are always present. (-)
  • Third Parties never make much of an impact (-)
  • Not everyone votes (-)
  • Not everyone makes educated, informed decisions in voting. (-)
  • Large groups of people are represented by one politician. (0)
  • The government is broken down into smaller governments. (+)
  • The political system is continuously developing. (+)
  • America is a dominant global power. (+)
  • There is constant conspiracy surrounding politics (-)
  • Lobbyists control a lot politicians (-)
  • Ads can completely change a person's point of view on a candidate/issue (0)
  • Many Americans do not vote. (-)
  • Americans tend to focus only on certain issues when voting i.e. pro-life/pro-choice (-)
  • Third party candidates can alter an otherwise close election. (0)

Political Cartoon #4

RJ Matson - Roll Call - The Elephant In The Room - English - The Elephant In The Room, Recess Appointment, President Obama, Senate, Republicans, Obstruction, CFPB, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray

  • What is the double entendre of the elefant?
  • What is Obama doing?
  • How would this affect peoples' opinion in voting in 2012?

Left, Right, Center- Third Parties Podcast


  1. How successful would a third Party be?
  2. What is the process of formulating a third party?
  3. I feel like a third party will just be a more extreme level of either the Democrats or Republicans.
  4. If a third party is formed how long will it last?
  5. If a third party is formed, does that mean that a fourth or fifth party can be formed as well?
  6. How official would a third party be?
  7. I don't think a third party would be taken seriously among Democrats and Republicans?
  8. What are the potential third parties today?
  9. What makes us think a third party would be successful when, for example, the Federalist party failed?
  10. Would it divide our country to a damaging extent?